Therapeutic Departments

Nursing Department, Frail Elderly Care, and Memory Care (Alzheimer’s)

When elderly people choose to live in senior living, they place greater importance on their sense of security, protection, care and stability. The staff of Mishan’s therapeutic departments are attentive to the needs and condition of the residents, will support you and accompany you through happy days and times of distress. When you choose senior living, Mishan recommends that you check for a departmental framework that is run by the facility itself and not by an outside party. Make sure that the home and the senior living network offer continuity of care, including a framework that adapts to a fluctuating medical situation. From independent senior living to departments for frail elderly,  nursing, and memory care.

מחלקות טיפוליות- דיור מוגן משען

Therapeutic departments at Mishan senior living

An elderly nursing patient is defined as such when the following two conditions are met:
1. Their health and functioning are poor due to chronic illness or permanent physical or mental disability, and they suffer from medical problems requiring skilled medical monitoring in a framework of a medical nature for a prolonged period.
2. They meet one or more of the following conditions:
A. They are confined to bed or a wheelchair
B. They have no control over body functions
C. They walk only with difficulty due to pathology or disease complications

The frail elderly are those whose cognitive state is normal and are not confined to a wheelchair, but their health and functioning require partial help in performing some day-to-day activities.

The frail elderly are those who are able to walk on their own, but require guidance in mobility and supervision in a protected framework as a result of decreased brain function (cognitive decline) in the areas of: memory, judgment, orientation, intellect, to such an extent that they need full help in daily activities including: bathing, dressing, eating, and using the toilet due to lack of control of body functions

Mishan therapeutic departments are departments that meet the physical standards required by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Welfare and receive high scores in quality controls. Mishan houses two residents in each room, but there are departments where you can sleep in a private room.
The Mishan network allocates resources for professional care and acquires advanced technological equipment such as lift systems.

Medical and paramedical staff in the departments

Mishan also invests in care through family physicians, geriatric counselors, certified nurses 24 hours a day, social workers who care about the residents’ well-being, their rights, and provide solutions to all social problems. Speech therapists, physiotherapists, and nutritionists.
The team of nurses and caregivers support and aid the residents who need assistance in carrying out daily activities – with bathing, eating, mobility, changing diapers, while endeavoring to maintain independent abilities as much as possible.

Cultural and social activities in the therapeutic department

The Mishan network respects the frail and nursing residents as people who may need help finding reasons and interests in their lives, in order to prevent them from deteriorating or sinking into depression.

The staff of our therapeutic departments includes an occupational therapist, occupational counselors, and social activities that are suitable for the needs and abilities of the residents. The classes and other activities take place every day and enrich the world of the elderly. Art classes, music and movement classes, sensory rooms for stimulation, animal treatments, therapeutic gardening, petting animals and lectures on various topics.