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A close and embracing community

Geriatric experts point out the benefits of maintaining the continuity of social and community life. The uniqueness of Mishan Lev Holon, with its natural connection to the city and the community, help residents to feel connected to a familiar area, enjoying the community and contributing to it. In addition to the various activities at the facility, there is cooperation with different community groups. The residents take part in the activities of the Pensioners’ College, and neighborhood residents join Mishan residents in joint cultural ventures.  There is also a range of volunteering activities with local youth and adults. The residents’ participation is also reflected in the center itself – in the choice of leisure activities and in the determination of the dining room menu.

What do you feel like doing, bone building gymnastics or Yiddish class?

The recreational and cultural activities in Mishan Lev are many and diverse – yoga, Tai Chi, bridge and choir, as well as gymnastics, computers, Bible, Yiddish and literature. Music and entertainment performances and lectures on a broad spectrum of topics are held at the facility. There is a selection of halls and facilities for your enjoyment – a clubroom, a cultural hall, an impressive banquet hall, a library, a bridge room, an inviting cafeteria, a luxurious dining room, a hairdresser, a gym, and a computer room. A special event takes place every evening. At the facility clinic, a doctor and a nurse provide care to the residents as necessary