Facility Director


  • Talmi Peleg

    • Born in 1973
    • Marital status: Married and father of three
    • Education : B.A. in Food Resources Management with specialization in Agricultural Economics (Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and diploma studies in the Nursing Homes Management Program (Bar-Ilan University).
    • Work background: I came to the “Mishan” network in 2005 and for more than a decade I served as the kitchen manager at “Mishan Efal”. In 2016, I started working at “Mishan Holon” as the manager of the Bursar’s office, and in the fall of 2018 I was appointed to

I got the job that I very proudly fill today, because of a very difficult period in my life: in  2015, my parents became very ill and for a year and a half I “won the right” to get to know the Israeli health care system and its various nursing institutions. My parents passed away about a month and a half apart, and during the course of the struggle to cope with the grief, I decided to change my career and do everything in my power to improve the quality of life of the elderly.

I understood that I wanted to be on the decision-making side, out of respect for the elderly and a sincere desire to be part of a systemic change that is desperately required. In 2016, after a 20-year career in kitchen management, I began to study the management of old-age homes and for two and a half years I served as the right-hand man of the manager at Mishan Holon. Upon his retirement, I was chosen to replace him as manager

At Mishan Holon I lead an open-door policy. I believe that any problem, however small, can become more significant in the absence of proper treatment. Therefore, I invite residents to bring up any difficulty, and I promise to do everything possible to provide a quick and satisfactory response

Mishan Holon is a pastoral oasis in the heart of the city and the proximity to the business-financial center and the major medical institutions is one of the advantages of living here. Residents can enjoy all the services and possibilities offered by the city and return to their safe, pleasant and safe home in no time. Our unique location enables us to establish strong ties with the community around us: end of school year parties of the regional schools take place in our magnificent cultural hall, once a week the best lecturers arrive at our college (open to the public), and our synagogue is open also for the residents of the surrounding area

In addition, you will find all the necessary services for a rich, active and interesting life, including a fitness center, hairdresser, laundry services, a variety of gym and movement classes, a variety of enrichment classes (bridge, history, painting, gardening, bible studies, English and more) and countless cultural activities, including film screenings, classical music concerts and sing-along evenings. We regularly organize outdoor activities such as vacations, trips around the country and trips to concerts and plays.

Out of awareness of the enormous importance of the continuum of treatment and care, “Mishan Holon” has two nursing departments, two infirmary departments and a supportive housing department. In the wards and the supporting housing department, there are also sick rooms that enable residents with temporary medical problems to recover, and to recover in a pace that is relaxing, supportive and under medical supervision around the clock.

One of the most significant elements here is the subject of volunteering: dozens of residents in the house engage in various volunteer activities and help in the operation of the residence. For example, there are residents who volunteer in the library, others run our local pub, and there are also residents who run enrichment classes like Ladino lessons and news.

Beyond this, the house covers 30,000sqm and includes many well-tended gardens and eight buildings divided into apartments of different sizes, so that each resident can choose the most suitable living quarters

I am happy to invite you to come to “Mishan Holon”, to get an impression of the green areas, the high standard of living, the abundance of social and cultural activities and the unique atmosphere