Facility Director

  • Born: 1955
    • Marital status: Married, father of 4 and grandfather of 8
    • Education: Graduate of Nursing Home Management (University of Haifa)
    • Work background: I came to Mishan Jerusalem after nine years in which I served as a career soldier in a command-management position. At the beginning, I was appointed to the position of deputy director of the facility, and after passing a course in nursing home management, I was promoted to the position of Facility Director, which I proudly fill to this day.

Although I began working with the senior population without any prior background, I quickly connected with the field and specifically with Mishan Jerusalem. As Facility Director, I have an open door policy and keep in constant contact not only with the residents, who are invited to contact me for any issue or problem, but also with their families

During my initial years here, Mishan Jerusalem was still run as a nursing home. In 1992, the year I became manager, I started a large scale shift which was reflected in the upgrading of the building and a change in the general concept, transforming the old nursing home into a modern and innovative senior living facility

The building in which the facility operates today is the same structure that was established 50 years ago, but the apartments, the infrastructure, and the various systems in the building have changed completely and were adapted to the 21st century. In fact today, 25 years after I took this position, I continue to improve and upgrade the systems installed in the apartments as well as the actual apartments themselves, for the benefit of the residents.

The changes that have taken place here during the past decades are reflected not only in the “facelift”, but also in the public areas. For example, adjacent to the building there is a public park belonging to the local community, but in cooperation with the community and the Jerusalem municipality, we connected the garden to the facility and today the residents can find themselves in the pleasant and flourishing garden right outside their door

The strong and fruitful connection between residents of Mishan Jerusalem and the local community is characterized by many instances: there are joint events that are often produced in the public park, our synagogue serves the residents of the area and we are always happy to host the local community on holidays and ceremonies throughout the year. In addition, many volunteers from the community come to us on a regular basis and give lectures, help residents living in the frail elderly department, and operate a café serving the residents of the facility

The Mishan Jerusalem complex, contained in one building, is only six stories high, and thanks to this, the atmosphere here is warm, solid, and very family oriented. We have about 100 residents in total, who enjoy an unusually rich framework of activities, gymnastics, occupational activities, movies and more

I invite you to visit Mishan Jerusalem, to get an impression of a home with a unique family atmosphere, and to join a modern, high-quality senior living framework