Mishan Jerusalem

Mishan Jerusalem

A tradition of quality

It’s time to explore possibilities, prepare for a new chapter, and choose the ideal framework for a life full of interest, peace of mind, calmness and security. Mishan Jerusalem offers you everything you can ask for in senior living – quality of life, maximum comfort, warm and compatible company, a central location, health care, supervision and security, and leisure and cultural activities. The facility is intended for senior residents who wish to live in a traditional and supportive atmosphere. We invite you to get acquainted with senior living in Jerusalem, the perfect choice for the residents of the city and its environ

Constant renewal

Mishan Jerusalem was completely renovated and upgraded to incorporate innovative approaches in caring for seniors, such as clinic and nursing services. Mishan Jerusalem is today considered one of the most sought-after and high quality senior living facilities in the capital

Live in the best area of Jerusalem 

Mishan Jerusalem is located in the old Katamon neighborhood and is well integrated into the Jerusalem landscape. The site can be reached via a variety of public transport lines and is close to the city’s popular cultural and entertainment centers

An abundance of advantages

Mishan Jerusalem is a home with everything – personal and dedicated service around the clock, a sensitive and empathic staff, friendly and compatible company, and a breathtaking view. And it’s close to whatever you need. We do everything so that your move and integration is easy and smooth. That’s our profession. We invite you to visit us, to get an impression of the array of possibilities spread out before you – the peaceful and green environment, the active and vibrant daily life, and a warm, genuine home that embraces you with love and security.
For additional details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone –  
02-6404222 or *6570.