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Loving the center

A luxurious and spacious lobby welcomes guests to Mishan Givatayim. The windows offer spectacular panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Within a short walk you can reach Givatayim Mall, the Air Force Park, the Shavit shopping center, cafés, leisure and entertainment sites. Residents have quick access to a variety of public transportation, as well as a unique in-house shuttle service. From Mishan Givatayim it’s a short drive to any place in Givatayim, Ramat Gan, and the surrounding area, to shops, malls, cafés, restaurants, culture and recreation areas, the train, and everywhere.

What appeals to you more, psychodrama or meditation?

Residents enjoy a wide variety of events, lectures, trips, concerts, movies, parties, dances, games, and cultural and recreational activities. For keeping body and mind healthy, the residents do yoga, Pilates and bone building exercises. There are also fascinating and enriching classes, including English, Yiddish, Bible, drama, creative writing, bridge, painting and ceramics. Music lovers can participate in the choir. At the facility there is a lively and vibrant social life, which centers on the residents and hosts the retirees of Givatayim as well.

It’s all for you

For pleasant, delicious moments, residents meet for coffee at the cafeteria in the spacious lobby, or enjoy the varied menu in the restaurant. In cozy seating areas around the elegant lobby, residents meet with friends from home, with their guests, or just relax in the calm atmosphere. We also have a fitness center, and a beauty salon with a hairdresser and pedicure services. In the facility there’s a cultural hall, a lecture hall, a synagogue, a library and a computer room. The clinic is staffed by a doctor and a nurse, who can be contacted during reception hours. Medications are provided to the residents on a regular basis through an in-house courier service.