Facility Director


Irit Warshavsky

Irit Warshavsky

• Born: 1960
• Marital status: Married, with 2 children
• Education: BA in Social Work (Tel Aviv University) and graduate of the Nursing Homes Management Course (Tel Aviv University).
• Work background: I came to work at Mishan in 1994. For more than a decade I served as Director of Social Services at Mishan Givatayim and for nearly 12 years I served as Director of Social Services at Mishan Fichman. Upon retirement of the previous Facility Director in 2017, Mr. Shimon Sabag, I was promoted to the position. In 2018 I became the director of Mishan Givatayim.

My career with the elderly began when I was in Scotland during my husband’s studies. It was in the early 1990s, when I was working as deputy director of a women’s senior living center. Shortly after we returned to Israel, I was hired to work at Mishan as a social worker, but I quickly advanced to directing the social services department at Mishan Givatayim, and felt that I had found the right place for me. This is because as part of my position I was responsible for everything related to the well-being of residents and their quality of life, from the day they entered the facility.

I believe that the staff and the management are here solely to serve the residents and to provide them with the treatment they deserve. All of this is carried out with knowledge of the changes that take place in older age and understanding the unique needs of the people we serve. I do not believe in barriers between the residents and the administration, and that is why my door is always open. This is the only way to provide the best service and the fastest response. Respect for human beings and humane and inclusive treatment are the basis for all activity here at Mishan Givatayim.

Our location is excellent. We are adjacent to the Air Force Park, and residents can step out of their apartments and be surrounded by green spaces, trees and playgrounds where their grandchildren can spend hours. We have a large supermarket nearby, we are very close to shopping and entertainment centers, and close to major traffic arteries. Mishan Givatayim is on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, so we enjoy all the benefits of the central region, but still live in a quiet, pastoral and pleasant environment.

Mishan Givatayim is also very compact, and residents do not have far to go, since all the services are provided under one roof: a clinic, pedicure, hairdresser, physiotherapy, cultural activities. We have a mini market within the facility that provides free delivery to all apartments, and also a café where it’s very pleasant to sit with friends and family.

The center is very open to the neighboring community and perfectly integrates with the local landscape. There is a great deal of cooperation with the local schools, and we have ties with the local residents at cultural events throughout the year. We host Givatayim pensioners as part of the Café Europa gatherings, we have an active college that draws many retirees from the community, the surrounding yard has shady seating areas and an inviting garden with amazing beauty – and overall, the atmosphere here is of freedom and openness

I am happy to invite you to visit Mishan Givatayim, to get an impression of the high level of services, the modern facility, and the green surroundings in which we live.