Mishan Givatayim

Mishan Givatayim

Close to everything you know

When you live for years in the same familiar and loved area, it is not easy to move to a new place, and it is not simple to find suitable senior living that will meet all your needs.
But occasionally the choice is easy, and the ideal solution is right next to you.
We would like to present you with high quality, classic senior living in Givatayim, which will give you a life full of interest and content, peace of mind, calmness and security.
Mishan Givatayim provides a complete residential experience with a family atmosphere.
It is suitable for senior residents who wish to live in a green and peaceful environment yet remain in their beloved city. We invite you to get to know the facility and come live in the beautiful heart of Givatayim.

Givatayim is character and a lot of beauty

Mishan Givatayim is a warm and pleasant senior living center, in the postoral heart of Givatayim.
The facility is surrounded by lush gardens and grassy expanses, radiating tranquility.
Years of experience and professionalism have proven Mishan Givatayim to be desirable and reputable, a home that gives its residents a high quality lifestyle.

An apartment tailored just for you

Mishan Givatayim is an excellent living complex, with 264 spacious apartments of different sizes – studio, 2-rooms, 2.5-rooms, and 3-rooms, for couples or individuals who live independently in full privacy.
All apartments are planned according to the highest standards and designed for total comfort. All have air conditioning and a distress button. It is possible to cook in the kitchenette, on the electric stove, or eat with other residents at the restaurant.

Coming home

Mishan Givatayim is a warm home that has everything – personal and efficient service around the clock, a dedicated staff, excellent company, and a quiet environment. All this in the green heart of Givatayim, close to everywhere.
We do everything so that your move and integration is easy and smooth. That’s our profession.
We invite you to visit us, to acquaint yourself with the array of possibilities we offer, from the pleasant surroundings, friendly residents, and a real home that embraces you with love and security.
For additional details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone  03-7192222 or *6570.