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What shall we do at 16:00 – play bridge or sit in the library?

Residents at Mishan Fichman enjoy a rich variety of activities from morning to evening, including lectures on a range of topics, music performances, cultural and literary events, films, concerts, bridge and dance classes, college studies, computer and internet studies, as well as organized excursions to films and theater performances. This is the place to broaden your mind, discover interests, enjoy the abundance and meet new like-minded people.

Everything for you within reach

All you need is easily accessible – a cafeteria, a restaurant, a minimarket, a hairdresser, a gym, a computer room, a cultural hall, an art club, a social club and a library that offers books in four languages. The swimming pool at the nearby Mishan Brodetsky is also open for the enjoyment of our residents, just a few minutes’ walk away.

Security and peace of mind – 24 hours a day

A professional, skilled, sensitive, and caring staff works tirelessly to provide you with a proper response, an attentive ear and a warm and loving home feeling. Every hour, every issue, we are always there for you. The grounds are secure and protected 24 hours a day. It’s important to us that you feel safe at all times.

24-hour clinic

Quality clinic services, nurse on duty 24-7, recovery rooms, community clinic treatments and family medicine.