Facility Director



Efrat Sdayoor

• Born in 1963
• Marital status: Married and mother of three
• Education: B.A. in Social Work (University of Haifa), M.A. in Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy (Lesley College) and Nursing Homes Management Course (Tel Aviv University).
• Work background: After completing my B.A. I worked for five years at the Center for Occupational Rehabilitation in the North, and in 1996 I joined “Mishan Ramat Efal”, where I worked for 12 years as a social worker. In 2008, I moved to “Mishan Givatayim” and in 2017, I moved to “Mishan Fichman”. Over the course of a year and a half I learned all there was to know about the home and its residents and in the summer of 2018, I was promoted to manager.

I began my professional career in the field of occupational rehabilitation and what most appealed to me was the ability to help people in crisis, and to help them return to normal life. After moving with my family from the north to the center of the country, I started working as a social worker at “Mishan Ramat Efal”.

During the transition to working with the elderly, many of my close acquaintances raised an eyebrow because at first glance the field of occupational rehabilitation and work with the elderly are two separate worlds. Nevertheless, I believe that there is a common denominator between the two: the love of a person as a person. It does not matter if I’m helping a young person return to work after a serious accident, or if I’m treating a person in his nineties; It is my responsibility to help them enjoy the highest quality of life.

In my view, the staff and I are here to provide service to the residents. Our ultimate goal is to give them the best quality of life they deserve. For this purpose, I lead an open-door policy and invite the residents to contact me with any problem, distress or suggestion for efficiency, which can improve the quality of life here. I have learnt a lot from the residents of “Mishan Fichman”. There are people here who are outstanding, who are always willing to give their experience and knowledge to the benefit of the community, and I see them as true partners.

From my personal and professional experience, I fully understand that leaving home is a very difficult experience, especially for the elderly, who naturally face many age-related difficulties. On the other hand, I can testify that the move to “Mishan Fichman” is mostly smooth. Aside from the fact that our absorption team works to integrate every new residentthe easy transition can also be attributed to the large well-maintained green gardens, the shaded seating areas and the communal atmosphere we managed to create here.

“Mishan Fichman” is very inviting for guests and family members. It is a green oasis in north Tel Aviv, which is pleasant to live in and allows residence to enjoy all the abundance it has to offer. In addition, the residents receive a wide range of services available, enabling them to live full and rich lives, without having to leave the complex. In “Mishan Fichman”, you will find a well-equipped fitness center and a variety of exercise and movement classes, a professional hairdresser, a mini-market that provides a delivery service to the residents, manicure and pedicure services, cosmetic treatments, laundry and catering services, and even a lovely coffee shop where you can enjoy a nice meal and delicious coffee.

In addition, we have physiotherapy services and a 24-hour clinic, seven days a week, and a special service called “sick rooms”, which allows residents returning from a hospital or rehabilitation facility to recover for a few days and enjoy close medical supervision around the clock until full recovery and return to their apartments.

Culturally, we offer a wide range of activities: whether it is organized trips to concerts or recitals held in our cultural hall or our frequent public sing-along evenings that take place in the facility. The residents themselves take part in cultural evenings, whether in the choir or in our theater department. Our local “Fichman College” is very successful, hosting by the best lecturers in Israel every week. My aspiration is that every resident will feel at home, and therefore I always listen to their wishes  and make sure to expand the range of possibilities, both in services and in the fields of culture and leisure.

I invite you to visit us to “Mishan Fichman”, to get to know the me and the staff, to get an impression of the high quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the residences and to live in a relaxing and green neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv.