Mishan Fichman Tel Aviv

Mishan Fichman Tel Aviv

The secret is in the small details

It’s time to think about a new chapter in life. This chapter can be rich in exciting possibilities and a life full of interest, with peace of mind, calm and security.
We believe that you deserve to live in a home that has everything you wish for – a quality of life that suits you, new and diverse friends, maximum comfort, supervision and security, and leisure and cultural activities that are enjoyable and enriching.
All these accompanied by a professional and experienced staff that pays attention to the small details.
We invite you to get to know Mishan Fichman in Ramat Aviv.
The facility is intended for senior residents who wish to reside and live in a quiet green environment.
Stay at home – in the heart of Ramat Aviv. Close to everything that matters.

Mishan Fichman Ramat Aviv, to renew without disconnecting

Woven around our home are our life, friends, family, habits, important events and small details. A home is the place where dreams, experiences, memories and everything that is dear to us are gathered. Mishan Fichman demonstrates well how to enjoy senior living in the ideal location, without changing your environment, without changing your habits. Everything is close and within walking distance – Tel Aviv University, the Sports Center, Beth Hatefutsoth, the Eretz Israel Museum and Ramat Aviv Mall. Transportation is close by, buses and taxis await you next to the facility. All of these provide quick and easy access to the city center, to cultural, leisure and entertainment centers, shops, malls, cafes, restaurants, the beach, the train, and everywhere. Many tenants in Mishan Fichman Ramat Aviv are residents of this veteran neighborhood, who chose to improve their quality of life and still stay in the familiar, beloved, green neighborhood.

Quality living

Mishan Fichman Ramat Aviv is a pastoral, green, quiet and tranquil area with five residential buildings. The buildings have 321 new apartments, in which the residents live independently in full privacy. The complex blends into the natural and urban fabric of the Ramat Aviv neighborhood.

Doors and hearts open for you

At Mishan Fichman senior living in Ramat Aviv you are given all the best of a home, in the heart of Ramat Aviv closest to you. We do everything, so that your move and integration into the center is easy and smooth. That’s our profession. We invite you, personally, to visit us, to be impressed by the array of possibilities spread out before you, from the tranquil and green surroundings in the heart of Ramat Aviv, and from a place that is first and foremost a real home that embraces you with love and security . For additional details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone – 03-7193333 or *6570.