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What’s better,a work out at the gym or  a show?

Residents of Mishan Ef’al enjoy a rich variety of activities and classes. These include trips around Israel, excursions to plays and concerts, studies at the Pensioners’ College, sports activities in the gym, singing in the choir, reading in the library, and surfing the internet in the computer room. In the renovated rooms of the clubs and arts, there are classes for every taste – yoga, drama, dance, painting, sculpture, bridge, billiards, ping-pong, Bible and literature, as well as computer classes. Residents are invited to choose classes and activities according to their preferences, and to join the social circle that suits them. In addition, the residents’ Pétanque team is a member of the National Pensioners’ League

A village that never rests

Cultural events and celebrations are part of Mishan Ef’al’s leisure experience. Every evening there is a cultural event in the auditorium. In the village pub, artistic programs produced by volunteering residents are held – singing Israeli songs, sipping beer, and high spirits. The residents also volunteer on the Culture Committee, in the Social Evening Society, and in the Good Film Club. Every Friday evening a traditional Shabbat Eve service is held, and the synagogue is open to the community. In the picnic corner, residents host families, lay out a tablecloth, and have a meal together

What’s for dessert?

The cafeteria serves delicious breakfasts, the restaurant serves three meals a day for the residents to choose from, and the fish restaurant offers healthy lunches. On Thursdays, it is possible to purchase hot meals for Shabbat. There are many high quality and nutritious options for your selection

Top specialists take care of your health

For the residents’ health and well-being, there is a clinic staffed by a doctor and nurse to aid as necessary. Nutritional counseling can be obtained from a clinical dietitian at the clinic