Facility Director


  • Nir DayariNir Dayari

    • Born: 1974
    • Marital status: Married and father of 4
    • Education: Civil Engineering degree (Management College) and graduate of the Nursing Homes Management Course (Bar Ilan University).
    • Work background: After five years of managing construction projects in the central region, I was hired by Mishan Fichman where I worked as maintenance manager for eight years. After completing my studies and training at Bar Ilan University, I served as Deputy Director at Mishan Ef’al for three years. I then led Mishan Givatayim for two years, and am now leading Mishan Ramat Ef’al, thus in total have been at Mishan network for 13 years.

The path that led me to my current position is somewhat different from the track most managers follow, since while many come from the realm of social sciences, I came from housing quality and development. However, from my first day with Mishan, and during the time I worked in maintenance, I was in direct contact with the residents. Ultimately, my goal was to work for the welfare of the residents and to improve the services provided to them, but it took me a few years to discover that I could contribute both to the network and to the residents not only as a professional but also as a person

My knowledge of care and service has grown from visiting the residents’ apartments, talking to them about their needs and getting to know them personally. My current role of Facility Director fills me with satisfaction and pride, but more than anything it excites me: The stories that our residents have to tell fascinate me and I feel that it is a great privilege to serve our country’s founding generation

Every single time I have a conversation or visit a resident, I find it very difficult to stop and then continue on with the day. To hear first-hand how the State of Israel was established from people who saw the Zionist dream unfolding before their eyes is an unparalleled experience, and I cherish every minute I spend with our residents. In general, I also invite them to to enter my office or stop me in the corridor to talk when they want to, and I always try to be available and attentive.

I admit I am a bit biased, but in my humble opinion, Mishan Ef’al is not only the most exceptional facility in the Mishan network, but the most exceptional senior living facility in Israel. Our sprawling facility creates a sense of an “urban kibbutz” located right in the heart of the Dan region. You could say that our residents enjoy all worlds, because on the one hand, they live in a green, well-kept and protected corner, and on the other hand are centrally located, close to Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Tel Aviv. Our home has many diverse development and construction plans that will add many services to the residents

Anyone who visits us can report first-hand that the atmosphere created here is not that of an “old-age home”, a nursing home, or even a standard framework for senior living, but a vibrant, thriving, and socially cohesive community

I invite you to visit us at Mishan Ef’al, to get to know us, to get an impression and to think of your green future here with us