Mishan Ef’al

Mishan Ef'al

Quality Residence

It is not easy to find an senior living facility that meets all your needs
But, sometimes the right solution stands out with all its advantages
Mishan Ef’al gives you a unique and perfect living experience, as we believe you deserve
This expansive green village offers residents a quality rural lifestyle within the metropolitan area, new and compatible friends, a haven of comfort, tranquility and security, and enjoyable, enriching leisure and cultural activities. Mishan Ef’al is intended for senior residents who wish to remain in the heart of the Dan region close to home, but live in a pastoral and serene environment
We invite you to get to know our charming village, in the greenest spot. Close to everything that matters

Hundreds of new residents

A home is a safe haven, a place to return to, a place where you wake up every day to a new and promising morning
Mishan Ef’al is home to over 600 independent residents and is the largest and most spacious senior living facility in Israel
The complex covers 136,000sqmand is located in the heart of the Dan region, near Sheba Medical Center and close to Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Kiryat Ono.
Here you enjoy a warm family atmosphere, excellent quality of life, clear air, maximum comfort, active and vibrant company, a world of activities and meaning, and a tranquil atmosphere.
Surrounding you are expanses of green landscaped grounds and lawns. The atmosphere is like living on a kibbutz, with the scents of a blooming village, an experience of nature, the thrills of freedom, a sense of home. Outside the facility, major traffic arteries lead everywhere – a shuttle service will take you to your destination in the immediate vicinity.

Live life to the fullest

Mishan Ef’al is a unique and extraordinary village, which around it  embodies all the best in senior living.
We do everything, so that your move and integration into the center is easy and smooth. That’s our profession.
We invite you, personally, to visit our charming village, to get an impression of the array of possibilities spread out before you, the high quality, the variety of apartments, the expansive green surroundings.

Seeking to stay in the central region? Senior living in Ramat Gan is at Mishan Ef’al.
You deserve to live in a wonderful and true home that embraces you with love and security.
For additional details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone – 03-7194000 or *6570.