Facility Director

Nili Rotem

    • • Born: 1956
      • Marital status: Married with 3 children
      • Education: BA and MA in Social Work, specializing in group work with the elderly.
      • Work background: After a few years as a social worker at the Nesher social welfare office and at the neurology ward at Bnei Zion Hospital in Haifa, I moved to Tel Aviv, completed a master’s degree in
    • social work, and was hired at Mishan. For 8.5 years I worked at Mishan Ramat Ef’al as a social services manager and after completing a comprehensive course of the Israel Management Center, I managed Mishan Givatayim for 4 years. I have been the director of Mishan Brodetsky for over a decade.

The most important thing to me in my day-to-day work is a warm and respectful attitude towards the residents, or simply put: The human connection. I emphasize this at every opportunity, especially when I hire new employees. Of course, professionalism is a supreme value for me, but a smile and positive attitude come first: Not only do I know all the residents – without exception – by their first name, but I also make sure to get to know their families. This is the only way I can create an authentic home atmosphere here.

Beyond that, my residents will not hear me say the word “no”. Every problem that arises I try to solve positively. Residents at Mishan Brodetsky know that they can turn to me with any request or any problem, without hesitation.

The support we provide to the residents starts from the first meeting and continues throughout their stay. I am well aware of the difficulties associated with moving to a new residential framework, and I make sure to accompany every new resident closely, especially during their first few weeks. In fact, after a week or two of settling in, I invite all the residents of the floor to an introduction with the new tenant, celebrating their entry into the center. There are also special groups for new residents, in which they can talk about their acclimatization and experiences in a supportive, pleasant and inclusive environment.

Mishan Brodetsky is located in a very convenient location in terms of public transport and the complex itself is very easy to get around, as one elevator will take you wherever you need to go. This is a luxurious center that includes a swimming pool that remains open on holidays and Saturdays, a computer room, a bridge room, and a gym. We place a very strong emphasis on clubs and activities; among many other subjects we have classes for water gymnastics, Feldenkrais, Chi Kung, yoga, and more.

I would be happy to meet with you and invite you to join our well-established and vibrant community here at Mishan Brodetsky.