Mishan Brodetsky Tel Aviv

Mishan Brodetsky Tel Aviv

You already feel that it is time to open a new chapter; time to move into a quality senior living home, an exclusive and elegant abode that will meet your requirements.
Sometimes, the perfect solution is just around the corner. In this case, it comes in the form of Mishan’s Senior Living in Tel Aviv, for a life full of interest and content, peace of mind, serenity and security.
We believe that you deserve to live in a home that has everything – high quality of life, new and diverse friends, maximum comfort, supervision and security, and enjoyable, enriching leisure and cultural activities.
Mishan Brodetsky Tel Aviv, with its notable reputation, provides residents with a pleasant, family atmosphere, tailored for senior residents who wish to live in a quiet green environment and yet stay in the vibrant center of the country.
We invite you to get to know us and live in the highest quality area in Ramat Aviv.
Close to everything that matters, close to you.

We don’t compromise on quality

Your home is your safe haven. So it’s essential to choose the right home. Mishan Brodetsky Tel Aviv is a prestigious and qualified senior living center, a warm and supportive home, which embodies all the best for you. Here at your service is a professional, experienced staff, embracing, attentive, caring, and helpful, that provides attention and responds with sensitivity and responsibility.
The facility is situated in the elegant center of Ramat Aviv, adjacent to an expansive green park. The Ramat Aviv Mall is only a few steps away, and it’s a stone’s throw to Tel Aviv University and major museums.
Public transportation is available and plentiful. Travel is quick and easy to the city center, shops, malls, cafes, restaurants, cultural and entertainment areas, the beach, the train and anywhere you need.

You deserve the best

At Mishan Brodetsky, in the heart of Ramat Aviv, you are provided with the best senior living facility in Tel Aviv.
We do everything so that your move and integration into the center is easy and smooth. We invite you, personally, to acquaint yourself with the array of possibilities spread out before you, from the high standards, the apartment designs, and the peaceful and green surroundings.
You deserve to live in a place that is a real, quality home that surrounds you with love and security.
For further details about Mishan Brodetsky Tel Aviv senior living, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone – 03-7193500 or *6570.