Facility Director


  • Harel Portnoy 

    • Born: 1967
    • Marital status: Father of four
    • Education: BA in Sociology, Master of Business Administration
    Graduate of hotel management studies.
    • Work background: After many years of managing a hotel and holding management positions at a large bank, I decided to retrain and start working with the senior population. I was hired at Mishan in early 2016 after managing a number of homes.

My desire to undergo retraining stemmed from pure ideology and an aspiration to harness my skills and abilities to the benefit of the senior population. I believe that my sense of mission comes from the fact that as a child I spent many hours with my grandparents, because my parents were very busy. I feel there is a kind of closure in my work with the elderly

Since I took this position, I have met with one resident or another in their apartments almost every day. I want to know all the residents personally, so I also visit our nursing department daily, chat with the residents and their families at length, and make sure to come to our cafeteria every day, which is operated by the residents. Beyond that, once a month I hold an “open conversation” with the residents on each floor separately, and every two months an “open conversation” in a similar format with all the residents of the house at the same time. During these gatherings, I invite ideas for improvement and suggestions for efficiency, and ask residents to raise issues that bother them and to address the matters that concern them, which are related to the facility

I am here to serve the residents at Mishan Be’er Sheva, and work for them, and that’s why I have an “open door” policy and residents can enter my office without appointment .

The primary advantage of Mishan Be’er Sheva is seen and felt in its family atmosphere, which encompasses both the residents and the staff who have been working here for a long time. The staff’s levels of caring and commitment are among the highest in the field and to my delight they are reflected in the residents’ satisfaction surveys. Our center is characterized by extensive cultural and social activities, and by our high level of involvement with various organizations in the community

I invite each and every one of you to contact us to arrange an introductory meeting, to get an impression of our home, located in a quiet green environment, and to take your first step towards a pleasant, comfortable and richer life