Mishan Be’er Sheva

Mishan Be’er Sheva

Living in a strong, supportive family

It’s time to explore possibilities, prepare for a new chapter, and choose the ideal framework for a life full of interest, peace of mind, calmness and security. Mishan Be’er Sheva is the leading facility in the southern region, offering you everything you can ask for in senior living – quality of life, maximum comfort, warm and compatible company, a central location, health care, supervision and security, and recreational and cultural activities. The facility is intended for senior residents who wish to live in a pastoral and quiet environment, in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, close to everything that matters. We invite you to get to know the perfect choice for residents of Be’er Sheva and the Negev

Living in the heart of things

Mishan Be’er Sheva is located in the heart of a quiet and high-end neighborhood. Nearby is a beautiful sprawling park full of flowers, comfortable walking paths, shaded seating areas and sports facilities suitable for all ages. The complex includes well-kept landscaped gardens, walking paths and pleasant seating areas that provide an opportunity to meet with friends and family. During the summer, cultural evenings and celebrations are held in the garden. Everything important and interesting is close by – The Museum of the Negev, the Carasso Museum of Science, the Performing Arts Center, the magnificent Grand Canyon shopping mall, restaurants, cafés and shopping centers. Public transportation is accessible and convenient and allows easy access to any destination in the city

You deserve more

Mishan Be’er Sheva is a warm, supportive, and friendly home, with everything – responsible service, dedicated staff, good company, and a green and peaceful environment, in the heart of the Negev’s capital. Here we guide your move and integration process into the facility, so that together we will succeed. That’s our profession. We invite you, personally, to visit us, get an impression of the array of possibilities. For a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone –08-9526709*6570