Facility Director


שמעון זיסין

Shimon Zissin

• Born: 1953
• Marital status: Married, father of 4 and grandfather of 2
• Education: 
A BA in Political Science and Sociology, and an MA in Public Administration (Bar-Ilan University) graduate of studies in Management of Institutions for the Elderly (Ariel University), Directorship course (Ra’anana College), and Mediation studies (National Center for Mediation).
• Work background: I was discharged from the IDF at the rank of lieutenant colonel (last position: Commander of the Field Corps),  and then worked for 17 years as the comptroller of the Ramle municipality. I began working at Mishan Afeka in 2013.

Throughout my career as an officer and auditor, I felt that there was something lacking, and that I was not taking full advantage of my abilities. Primarily I felt that I could make a significant contribution in the area of ​​emotional and mental support for a population that is considered particularly vulnerable. This feeling led me to volunteer at NATAL (National Trauma Victims) between 2008-2013 and in the mental health care center (NRP), where I have been volunteering since 2009.

Volunteering activities introduced me to many people who were in distress, but my personal satisfaction was immense: I was finally able to fill many gaps within me and strengthen my sense of usefulness and self-fulfillment. I discovered a new world of contributing, helping others and volunteering, which fills me with tremendous pride and satisfaction.

I came to Mishan Afeka because of the warm recommendation of a relative, and in the initial years I was the security officer of the facility. I became Director at the beginning of March 2017, after the former manager, Mr. Pini Gavish, retired. My view of the world in everything related to work at Mishan Afeka is very simple: For me the role of Facility Director is no less than an emissary on a mission. I’m here to do the most for the residents, the employees, and all that is needed at the center. I see residents and employees as part of my family and Mishan Afeka as an inseparable part of my home. I fell in love with the place, its values ​​and what Mishan represents.

The role of director is a complex and challenging task that must be based on humanity, listening, and the desire to be a source of support for all residents and employees, without exception. Thanks to my experience at Mishan, I know the facility inside and out, know all the residents and some of their families personally, and I have their full support.

One of the things that distinguishes our facility is the fruitful cooperation that exists here among the residents, and initiatives are implemented as a result of this cooperation. For example, we have a pub that operates every other Saturday night, weekly coffee and cake gatherings that are run and managed exclusively by the residents, a weekly Internet club run by one of the tenants, and more. There is also close cooperation with the staff and management, so that organization of all the projects and activities are fully transparent to the residents

We also maintain extensive ties with the surrounding community, whether in our synagogue, in the framework of lectures of Beit Brenner College that take place here, or in the framework of the festive events we hold on holidays and special occasions. In addition, we are very proud of our luxurious pool, fitness room and conference rooms that serve a wide range of activities. We have a hairdresser, a high quality dental clinic, and even a minimarket for the residents.

Our unique complex is an island of tranquility in the heart of the bustling city. The facility is located close to everything the city has to offer, yet at the same time, the complex itself is very quiet, pastoral and characterized by a calm atmosphere that is second to none.

If you are looking for a family atmosphere and want to live in a place full of support and human kindness, you are welcome to come and live with us here and become part of our Mishan Afeka family.