Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv

Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv

Home in a unique and luxurious environment

We believe you deserve to live in a home that gives you everything – new and meaningful friends, maximum comfort, supervision and security, and enjoyable and enriching leisure and cultural activities.
Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv, elegant and esteemed, provides residents with a pleasant and family atmosphere. It is suitable for senior residents who wish to live in a quiet green environment and still remain close to the Tel Aviv “Hub”.
We invite you to get to know us and to come live in the exclusive and prestigious north of Tel Aviv.
Close to everything that matters to you.

The quality of a lifetime

Our home is our anchor, the place where the most exciting and important moments of life are gathered. It is the safe haven where cares and dreams are woven together. It is therefore important to choose the right home.
Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv is an established, warm and supportive senior living facility, operated at very high standards, which embodies the best of the best. Here, a highly experienced, attentive, caring and helpful staff is at your service, always attentive and responsiveness, quick, and responsible.
The facility is located in the heart of the upscale neighborhood of Neot Afeka, in north Tel Aviv. This exclusive residential pearl is surrounded by decorative nooks, colorful flowers and eye-catching expanses of beauty.
Mishan Afeka’s many advantages, the pleasant company and its high level of service, have made it a magnet for the city’s retirees.

Don’t abandon the familiar

You can enjoy the peak of senior living, without changing your surroundings or your habits. The move to Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv keeps you close to where you live, your family and your circles of life. The same beloved neighborhood, the same friends, the same cafes and shops, plus a new wealth of possibilities waiting for you in the facility itself.
Mishan Afeka is a short, quick drive to the city center, Ayalon Mall, cultural and entertainment areas, the beach, the train and just about everywhere. All major transport arteries are easily accessible from the facility, so your family and those close to you remain nearby.

Designed apartments of your choice

Mishan Afeka Tel Aviv was planned and renovated with great care and spectacularly designed. The facility has 224 spacious and luxurious apartments, where residents live independently and enjoy full privacy. The modern apartments are built to a high standard, pleasant and inviting. For your selection there are studios, 1.5-room, 2room, 2.5-room, or 3-room apartments.
Each apartment has air conditioning, a refrigerator, a telephone, distress buttons, attendance and wake-up systems, and a modern kitchen equipped for independent cooking. It is also possible to eat with the other residents in our restaurant.

You deserve the best

Mishan Afeka is the elite of senior living, the perfect answer to your heart’s desires. We do everything so that your move and integration is easy and smooth. That’s our profession.
We invite you to visit us, to acquaint yourself with the array of possibilities we offer, from the unique level of quality, the spacious designed apartments and the tranquil green surroundings, in the heart of an exclusive neighborhood in north Tel Aviv. You deserve to live in a wonderful and true home that embraces you with love and security.
For additional details, for a visit and a guided tour with no obligation, we are at your service by phone –03-7191333 or *6570.