The “Mishan” network: past and present

Mishan was established in 1931 by the General Federation for Jewish Settlement in Israel.

In its early years Mishan was a nursing home, but in 1998 the network adapted to the times and transformed the residences into senior living centers that cater to the needs of the modern clientele and community of the 21st century.

The network operates to this day within the framework of the New Histadrut and promotes the organization’s social activities.

Mishan continues to lead the senior living sector, and strives to improve quality of life of the retired community and residents of their nursing homes and senior living centers, and to protect their rights and welfare.

Mishan currently manages nine senior living facilities, which cater to some 4,850 residents. Mishan’s staff includes 1,200 professional and dedicated employees.

Network Management

Chairman, Shabi Michaeli
CEO, Omri Cohen
VP Human resorce, Maya Halevi
CFO, Tal Shinar
Chief Operation and Logistics Officer, Eitan Abdu, Adv. & Cpa.
Legal Counsel, Adv. Hagit Friedman
Head of Marketing, Ravit Tsafrir
Head of Security, Shimon Evgi
CIO, Doron Ezon
Head of sales, Lilach Budfega

Facility Directors

Mishan Brodetsky Carmel Elias
Mishan Fichman Efrat Sdayoor
Mishan Afeka Shay Ohad Berman
Mishan Givatayim Irit Warshavsky
Mishan Ef’al Nir Dayari
Mishan Holon Talmai Peleg
Mishan Carmel Bilha Goldhammer
Mishan Jerusalem Danny Shemesh
Mishan Be’er Sheva Harel Portnoy
Gil Bar, Head of children institution’s operations
Yehoshua Mor Yosef, Head of the Public and Government Relations Division – Regulation
Lilach Budfega, Chief sales officer

Employee Welfare Committee

National Chair, Employee Welfare Committee, Kochava Kenister


Accessibility Coordinator, Ms. Limor Kraus
Fax: 03-7191206 | Email negishut@mishan.co.il

In addition to senior living facilities, the network manages three children’s villages for orphans and children in distress. Despite the difference between treatment of adults and young people, there is considerable similarity in the community work which supports two of the weaker populations in Israeli society, requiring a similar amount of care, concern and a warm heart.

Children’s Villages

Beit Apple Children’s Village
Onim Children’s Village
Alumim Children’s Village

Donors and thanks

Mishan would like to express its gratitude to The Claims Conference  for its generous assistance in establishing our therapeutic departments for seniors and Holocaust survivors in Mishan Ef’al