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What’s better today, art or yoga?

Every new day at Mishan Carmel is fascinating and exciting.  Residents are offered numerous leisure and cultural activities, including concerts, films, plays, a choir, lectures, trips, a piano bar, seminars and Kabbalat Shabbat. They take an active part in choosing various classes such as exercise, yoga, Tai Chi, dancing, painting, ceramics, drama, Bible, English, French, Yiddish, and Bridge Club. There are a variety of halls and facilities for the rsesidents’ enjoyment – library, gym, computer room, club, arts and crafts room, and synagogue. In the spacious and innovative cultural hall, there is a range of cultural activities every evening, using an advanced multimedia system. In this hall there is a competitive bridge club, where the residents and community retirees spend time together.

Share a cup of coffee with friends and loved ones

Human interaction is an essential part of the fabric of life at Mishan Carmel  At ourcozy café, full of atmosphere, people meet for coffee, with other residents, with friends from the community, and of course with family members. The restaurant is designed first of all as a pleasant aesthetic experience, with every window overlooking lush greenery and the magical blue sea, and the residents are offered a high-quality, healthy and varied menu.

Our experienced staff cares about you

The professional and skilled staff is endowed with sensitivity, dedication and humanity, and they do everything possible to create a warm and loving home feeling. All staff members work tirelessly to provide responsive, attentive and professional service in real time. At your service are also a clinic, a dental clinic, a hairdresser and a pedicure service.