Facility Director


  • Bilha Goldhammer

  • • Born: 1953
  • • Marital status: Married, with 3 children and 4 grandchildre
  • • Education: BA in Social Work (University of Haifa) and graduate of Nursing Home Management (University of Haifa) course.
  • • Work background: After 8.5 years as
  • a social worker at Rambam Medical Center, I was hired by Mishan Carmel Haifa and served as social services coordinator for 16 years. Then I was promoted to Director, a position I have filled with pride and pleasure for 14 years.

My work with the senior population happened completely by Yet from the moment it happened – the connection was immediate: Shortly after I began work at Mishan Carmel Haifa, I realized that I had taken the right step, and that I had come home. Even though it was” love at first sight”, my romance with Mishan has been going strong for more than three decades, and I do not see it ending in the foreseeable future.

My relationship with the residents is characterized by accessibility and constant availability. Both the residents and their families know that it is possible to communicate through “WhatsApp” messages. Some people like to communicate with me by email, and there are also quite a few residents who communicate with me mainly via Facebook. In addition, every month I make sure to hold a meeting with all the residents, during which I update them about what is happening “behind the scenes” and share with them plans of what is expected to take place in the near future. During the meetings, I invite residents to bring up topics they want to discuss, which I can then promote or solve. Once a month I also have a smaller meeting with the members of the tenants’ committee.

Mishan Carmel Haifa combines a quiet, green environment with access to shopping and entertainment centers. Around 90% of the apartments in the facility have a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. In fact, just about every guest who comes to visit takes the trouble to mention that they would be happy to move in with us, just for the spectacular scenery. One of the guests who chose to stay here is none other than my mother, who joined us at the age of 78, almost a decade ago. She personally got to know the facility after years of volunteering with us, and when the time came to move into senior living, Mishan Carmel Haifa was her natural choice.

Community involvement at Mishan Carmel Haifa is particularly high: We have active, close ties with a variety of Haifa schools and with the nearby “Scouts” den. Thanks to this, we enjoy a lively presence of young people at parties, Shabbat eve gatherings and other festive events that take place during the year. Although we are located very close to shopping centers, we choose to operate a mini market for the residents, which delivers to the apartments at no cost. We also have a professional beauty salon, an abundant library, a dining room with a perfect view, a bridge room, banquet and culture halls, a gym and a synagogue, which attracts many worshipers from the community.

I invite you to visit us to get acquainted, and join the Mishan Carmel Haifa family.
We would be happy to welcome you with open arms.